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Ignacio del Moral
Ignacio del Moral
Was born in San Sebastián in 1957, but moved to Madrid with his family in 1960. Studied Biology in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid where he was part of the Aula de Teatro directed by Manuel Canseco and Julia Trujillo. From 1976 to 1986 he worked as an actor in various independent theatre groups, with whom he performed texts by authors such as José Luis Alonso de Santos, and Miguel Murillo, as well as collaborative projects. He works, at present, as a theatre author and as a scriptwriter for cinema and television.
He is the author of the following works, among others: La gran muralla [The Great Wall] (1982); Soledad y ensueño de RobinsĂłn Crusoe [The Loneliness and Dreaming of Robinson Crusoe] (1983); 3-9-1 Desescombro [3-9-1, Cleanup] (1984); La noche de Sabina [Sabina’s Night] (1985), a play for children; Una del oeste [A Western] (1986), a play for children; Un día de espías o el caso del repollo con gafas [A Day for Spies or the Case of the Cabbage who Wore Glasses] (1988), a play for children; Historias para-lelas [Parallel Stories] (1987), with Margarita Sánchez; DĂ­as de calor [Hot Days] (1989); Papis [A Mommy and a Daddy] and Oseznos [Little Bears], two short plays (1992); La mirada del hombre oscuro [Dark Man’s Gaze] (1993), made into a film by Imanol Uribe entitled Bwana; Fugadas [Taken Flight] (1994); Páginas arrancadas del diario de P. [Pages from the Diary of P.] (1994); Rey negro [Black King] (1995); Que no se entere nadie... (hasta que pasen las elecciones) [Let no-one Know . . . (Until After the Elections)] (2000); La noche del oso [The Night of the Bear] (2001); Ella se entera de todo [She Finds Everything Out] (2002), with Margarita Sánchez; Zona catastrófica [Disaster Area] (2005); Presas [Ensnared] (2006), with Verónica Fernández y Sonata de rencor [Bitter Sonata], with Verónica Fernández (2007).
He has made versions of La gran Zenobia [The Great Zenobia] by Calderón de la Barca, Chantecler by Jean Rostand, Puss in Boots by Charles Perrault and a work on dramaturgy using texts by Miguel Mihura, Las visitas deberían estar prohibidas por el Código penal [Visits Should Be Forbidden under the Penal Code] (with Ernesto Caballero), which was performed in the Centro Dramático Nacional in Madrid in 2006.
From 1989, he began working as a TV scriptwriter on the Farmacia de Guardia series, Antena 3 TV, 1991-1995. In recent years, he has continued this work with the creation and development of series such as Ay, señor, señor, Antena 3 TV, 1994-1995; Querido maestro, Telecinco, 1997-1998; Hermanas, Telecinco, 1998-1999; El comisario, Telecinco, 1999-2008; El síndrome de Ulises, Antena 3 TV, 2006- ;…
In addition, he has written, with Joan Barbero, two films made for television: El asesino del parking [Murderer in the Parking Lot] (2005), and Masala (2006).
In 1999-2000 he wrote, with Fernando León de Aranoa, the script for the film  Los lunes al sol [Mondays in the Sun], which received a number of prizes (Concha de Oro [Golden Shell] in San Sebastián and six Goyas, among others). He has also written scripts for the films El mundo alrededor [The World Around] (Alex Calvo Sotelo, 2005), Tuya siempre [Yours Forever] (Manuel Lombardero, 2006), Lope de Vega (Andrucha Waddington, 2009), and collaborated with Michael Radford on the script for La mula [The Mule] and with Antonio Mercero and Albert Espinosa on Planta 4ÂŞ [Fourth Floor] (2004). The film version of  Bwana received the Concha de Oro [Golden Shell] in the San Sebastián Film Festival in 1996. Two of the films of which he has been part (Los lunes al sol and Bwana) were selected by the Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas de España [Academy of Spanish Cinematographic Arts and Sciences] to be put forward for the Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film.
Several of his theatre texts have been translated into French, Flemish, Portuguese, Polish, Rumanian, Catalan, Swedish, Greek and Italian, and performed in several countries.
He has received the following prizes as an author of theatre texts: I Prize for Children’s Theatre on the Environment, 1982; Gran Canaria Cabildo Insular Prize, 1989; I SGAE Theatre Prize, 1991; Hogar Sur de Teatro de Comedias del Puerto de Santamaría Prize, 2000, and Carlos Arniches Prize, 2002.

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