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Rodolf Sirera
Rodolf Sirera
Was born in Valencia in 1948. He received a Degree in History from the Universidad de Valencia in 1974. From the end of the sixties, he participated in the independent theatre movement, creating and directing the Centre Experimental de Teatre group, later known as El Rogle, until its closure in 1976. Sirera has worked as a theatre critic in various periodical publications: Cartelera Turia, La Marina, Destino, Serra d’Or, Primer Acto, El Temps, Levante, etc., and has taught courses in the University of Chicago and the Universidad de Valencia. As a theatre agent he has held influential positions in the Comunidad Valenciana.
Sirera has carried out research and published articles and studies on several dramatists, including an edition of the complete works of the nineteenth-century Valencian author Eduard Escalante, in collaboration with Josep LluĂ­s Sirera.
He is the author of more than thirty plays among which the following stand out: Homenatge a Florentí Montfort [Homage to Florentí Montfort] (1971), with Josep Lluís Sirera; Plany en la mort d’Enric Ribera [Lament for the Death of Enric Ribera] (1972); El brunzir de les abelles [The Buzzing of the Bees] (1975), with J. Ll. Sirera; El còlera dels déus [The Rage of the Gods] (1976), with J. Ll. Sirera; El capvespre del tròpic [The Twilight of the Tropic] (1977), with J. Ll. Sirera; Arnau (1977–1978); L’assassinat del doctor Moraleda [The Murder of Doctor Moraleda] (1977); El verí del teatre [The Audition] (1978); Bloody Mary Show, suggeriments dramàtics per a un espectacle de cabaret [Bloody Mary Show, Dramatic Suggestions for a Cabaret Show] (1979); La primera de la classe [Top of the Form] (1983–1984); Funció de gala [Gala Performance] (1982–85); Cavalls de mar [Sea Horses] (1986), with J. Ll. Sirera; Indian Summer (1987); La partida [The Game] (1989), with J. Ll. Sirera; La ciutat perduda [The Lost City] (1990–1993); Maror (Les regles del gènere) [Storm: The Rules of the Genre] (1994); Punt de fuga [Point of Flight] (1998–1999); Silenci de negra [Crotchet Rest] (2000), with J. Ll. Sirera; La mirada de l’alquimista [The Alchemist’s Gaze] (2000); Raccord (2004) and Benedicat (2005), with J. Ll. Sirera.
As a librettist he has written the operas Història de la representació frustrada de la llegenda de la princesa trista [History of the Frustrated Performance of the Legend of the Unfortunate Princess] (1974–75); El Príncep [The Prince] (1983) and El triomf de Tirant [The Triumph of Tirant] (1991), with J. Ll. Sirera.
He has translated and produced versions of texts by, among others, Aristophanes, Henrik Ibsen, Luigi Pirandello, Bill Manhoff, Jérôme Kilty, Eduard Escalante, Antón Chekhov, William Shakespeare, Albert Camus, Yves Reynaud, Philippe Minyana, Nöelle Renaude, Yves Lebeau, Alexei Arbuzov, Jean Cocteau, William Gibson and Patrick Hamilton.
As a scriptwriter he has participated in the TV series Russafa 56 [Ruzafa 56], Nissaga de poder [Lineage of Power], Laberint d’ombres [Labyrinth of Shadows], Herència de sang [Blood Inheritance], A flor de pell [On Edge], El Súper [The Supermarket], Temps de silenci [Time of Silence], Setze Dobles [Sixteen Doubles] and Amar en tiempos revueltos [Love In Troubled Times].
Many of his plays have been translated into Spanish, French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Greek, Hungarian and Slovak, and performed in these languages.
Sirera has received numerous awards, including the Ciutat d’Alcoi Prize, 1971; the Crítica Serra d’Or Prize for theatre, 1975, 1977, 1981 and 1989; the Carlos Arniches Prize for theatre in Catalán, 1976; the Ignasi Iglesias Prize, 1978; the Ciutat de Barcelona Prize for Theatre, 1978; the Ciutat de València Prize for Criticism, 1981; the Sanchís Guarner Prize, 1989; the Comunitat Valenciana Prize for Theatre, 1992; the Born Theatre Prize, 1993; the National Theatre Prize of the Generalitat de Catalunya, 1997; the Cavall Verd – Jaume Vidal Alcover Prize, 2000 and the Valencian Theatre Writers Prize, 1995 and 2002.

Author’s web page

Author’s web page

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La mirada de l’alquimista / La
mirada del alquimista

Lo sguardo dell’alchimista