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Antonio Fernández Lera
Antonio Fernández Lera
Was born in Madrid in 1952. After studying journalism in the Escuela Oficial de Periodismo [Official School of Journalism] in Madrid (1970‑1974), he combined work in journalism with translating, but has focused professionally on the latter since the mid‑1980s. As a journalist, he has had roles as Chief Editor of the Odiel newspaper (1983‑1984) and as a member of the editorial team of the El Público theatre review (1984‑1990). He has also acted as co‑editor of Cuadernos de Cántiga and editor of Fases, Contextos and Pliegos de Teatro y Danza.
His first work of theatre to be performed (Delante del muro [In Front of the Wall] with the Espacio Cero company) was in 1985. Other performed works include: Carambola (1987); Proyecto Van Gogh: Entre los paisajes [The Van Gogh Project: Among the Landscapes] (1989); Los hombres de piedra [The Stone Men] (1990); Paisajes y Voz [Landscapes and Voice] (1991, taken up again in 2002 as part of a project entitled Mátame, abrázame [Kill Me, Embrace Me]); Muerte de Ayax [Death of Ajax] (1991); Casa sola [The Home Alone] (poems, performed in 1992); Escena para cien pies de fotos / Ayax / No somos el viento [Setting for One Hundred Feet of Photographs / Ajax / We Are Not the Wind] (1994); Dónde está la noche [Where Is the Night] (performance by Esteve Graset with fragments from Memoria del jardín [Memory of the Garden], Plomo caliente [Hot Lead] and Libro de Macbeth [Book of Macbeth], 1994); and Libro de alegrías [Book of Joys] and Teorías de animales [Theories of Animals] (2005). In 1998 he formed the Magrinyana company, in which he has taken on the staging of his own texts and with whom he has produced the following plays: Plomo caliente [Hot Lead] (1998); Monos locos y otras crónicas [Mad Monkeys and Other Tales] (2000); Mátame, abrázame [Kill Me, Embrace Me] (2002); Las islas del tiempo [The Islands of Time] (2003); Agamenón (Volví del supermercado y le di una paliza a mi hijo) [Agamemnon (I Came Back from the Supermarket and Gave My Son a Hiding)], by Rodrigo García (2007); and Memoria del jardín [Memory of the Garden] (2009).
He has also written Cuadros escritos [Written Paintings] (poems, 1983); Cuentos melancólicos [Melancholic Tales] (short stories, 1990); Los ojos paralelos [Parallel Eyes] (poems and theatre, 1992); and Las huellas del agua [The Traces of Water] (poems, 2003). He has an unpublished book of new poetry and a play entitled Bufones y payasos [Jokers and Clowns].
He is the translator of, among other pieces, the following dramatic and literary texts: Die Hamletmaschine [The Hamletmachine], by Heiner Müller (in collaboration with Max Egolf and Sefa Bernet, 1986); Mud, by Maria Irene Fornes (1988); The Sea and the Mirror, by W. H. Auden (2001); Messiah, by Steven Berkoff (2001); The Country, by Martin Crimp (2002); Phaedras’s Love, by Sarah Kane (2002); King Lear, by William Shakespeare (2002); The Guards and The Killing of the Tinkers, by Ken Bruen (2005); The Known World, by Edward P. Jones (2004) and Project X, by Jim Shepard (2005).
His plays have been translated into English, French and Portuguese.
Available titles
Las islas del tiempo
Monos locos y otras crónicas