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Josep Pere PeyrĂł
Josep Pere Peyró
Was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1959. He trained in the Acting Laboratory of Teatro Fronterizo and in the Textual Dramaturgy workshops of the Sala Beckett in Barcelona, directed by José Sanchis Sinisterra. In addition, he has worked as a teacher of performance and writing for the theatre in the Aula de teatro of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, the Institut del Teatre in Terrassa, the Sala Beckett in Barcelona and in several universities and theatre schools, both in Spain and in other countries. At present, he combines his writing activity with directing and teaching.
Peyró writes in both Catalan and Spanish, and is author of the following texts: Infinito [Infinity] (1986), Sueño [Dream] (1986), La trobada [The Meeting] (1987), La parella és… [The Couple Is...] (1988), Deserts (1989), La mirada [The Gaze] (1991), Quan els paisatges de Cartier‑Bresson [When the Landscapes of Cartier‑Bresson] (1992), Maleïts [Cursed] (1993), Una pluja irlandesa [An Irish Downpour] (1995), Per qué? 1 and Per qué? 2 [Why? 1 and Why? 2] (1998), Les gavines [The Seagulls] (1995‑2001), Pàgines blanques [White Pages] (2002), Les portes del cel [The Gates of Heaven] (2002) and La tanca [The Fence] (2006).
He has adapted Kaspar by Peter Handke; El tigre de Mary Plexiglás [Mary Plexiglás’s Tiger], by Miquel Obiols; El amante bilingüe [The Bilingual Lover], by Juan Marsé and Faust, by Llorenç Villalonga.
As director, he has staged most of his own body of work.
His texts have been translated into English, Flemish, French, Galician, Polish and Swedish.
Peyró has been recipient of the following prizes: the Llorenç Palmireno de Valencia Prize 1994, Premio de la Crítica de Barcelona 1996, Premio Butaca 1998, the Premio de la Crítica at the Festival Internacional de Chile 1999, Premio de la Crítica Serra d’Or 2004, the Prize for Most Innovative Show in the Muestra Internacional de Teatro de Rivadavia 2005.
Available titles
Les gavines / Las gaviotas
The Seagulls