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Gracia Morales
Gracia Morales
Was born in Motril (Granada) in 1973. She has a Ph.D. in Hispanic Philology from the Universidad de Granada; her doctoral thesis, entitled ‘Arguedas y Cortázar: dos búsquedas de una identidad latinoamericana’ [‘Arguedas and Cortázar: two Searches for a Latin American Identity’] won the Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado [Extraordinary Doctoral Prize].
She held a research grant from the Junta de Andalucía, in the Spanish Philology Department of the Universidad de Granada, from 1997 to 2001, and a postdoctoral grant in the same department from 2001 until March 2003. She has been employed from March 2003 to the present as a lecturer in the Universidad de Jaén, where she gives classes on Spanish and Spanish American Literature.
In addition, Gracia Morales is a co-founder of Remiendo Teatro, a company created in 2000 and based in Granada, which to date has staged seven performances based on her texts; on occasions she participates as both actress and assistant director. As a theatre author, she has taken part in numerous conferences and colloquia, in Spain and also abroad, and has lead various theatre writing workshops.
She is author of, among others, the following plays: Vistas a la luna [Views of the Moon] (1998), Interrupciones en el suministro eléctrico [Interruptions in the Electricity Supply] (1999), Formulario quinientos veintidós [Form Five Hundred and Twenty-two] (1999), Prolegómenos [Prolegomena] (2000), Quince peldaños [Fifteen Steps] (2000), 9.15: Martínez Ruiz (2001), Como si fuera esta noche [As if it Were Tonight] (2002), Un lugar estratégico [A Strategic Place] (2003), Un horizonte amarillo en los ojos [A Yellow Horizon in Your Eyes] (2003), Y a ti, ¿qué te da miedo? [And You, What Scares You?] (2006) (a play for children) and A paso lento [A Slow Passing] (2007). In addition, she has had several short pieces published and has participated in several collective projects, such as La orilla perra del mundo [The Wretched Shore of the World] (2005), Puertas cerradas [Closed Doors] (2005) or Madrid. Ciudad maldita [Madrid. Accursed City] (2005).
Gracia Morales also writes poetry; she came to prominence in this field through the short volume Ocho poemas para andar por casa [Eight Poems for Around the House] (2000) and the books Manual de corte y confección [Dressmaking Manual] (2001) and De puertas para dentro [In Private] (2004). In addition, as a researcher of Hispano-American Literature, she has published numerous articles in internationally renowned journals and in books and conference proceedings.
Some of her plays have been translated into French and Italian, and many have been performed in Latin America.
As a theatre author, she won the First Prize in the Certamen Internacional de Teatro Breve Fundación Ciudad de Requena (with Formulario quinientos veintidós) and the Marqués de Bradomín Prize (with Quince peldaños), both in 2000; in 2003 she was awarded the Miguel Romero Esteo Prize (with Un lugar estratégico). Lastly, in 2004 her book of poems De puertas para dentro was awarded the Zaidín Javier Egea Poetry Prize.
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Un lugar estratégico
Un luogo strategico