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Vladimir García Morales
Vladimir García Morales
Was born in Valencia in 1978. He was awarded a PhD in Physics from the University of Valencia with a thesis on thermodynamics and interphases on the nanometer scale, and received special mention for his Undergraduate and Doctoral Degrees. In parallel with his studies, he also studied music in the Valencia Conservatory. He now works as an Assistant Lecturer at Munich Technical University, researching stochastic processes, statistical physics of imbalance, non linear dynamics and complex systems.
He has written the following works for theatre: Como lentas aves [Like Slow Birds] (2002), La superconductividad en el cristal de pentaceno [Superconductivity in Pentacene Crystals] (2003‑2005), El silencio de Anton Webern [The Silence of Anton Webern] (2005), Diotima (2007), En la luz dentro de tus ojos [In the Light Inside your Eyes] (2008) and Basquiat (2010).
His poems written to 2010 have been collected under the title El despertar [The Waking].
He has translated into Spanish poems by thirty twentieth century German poets and prepared a bilingual anthology of contemporary German poetry entitled Niebla conmocionada [Moved Fog], which will be published shortly. At present, he is translating work by Uljana Wolf and Durs Grünbein into Spanish.
His play En la luz dentro de tus ojos has been translated into Dutch.

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En la luz dentro de tus ojos