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How can I buy a book?

To buy a book, go to the index card for the book which interests you and click on the “buy” button. A small window will appear, telling you that the book has been added to your shopping cart.
You may continue looking at books, buying more if you wish. When you have finished and want to place the order, click on the “See cart” button, which you will find in the left-hand column of all the pages. When you click on “See cart,” you will go to a page where the purchased books and their prices will be listed. Fill in the form and click on “pay by credit card.”

At that time you will go to a page where you will be informed of your order number and of the e-mail address you have provided for receiving the books. Take note of this information. On this page, when you click with the mouse on the “Continue” button, you will be connected to the Banco de Santander’s SECURE PAYMENT PROCESS. Fill in the required information from your credit card and click with your mouse on the “Pay” button.

If the bank informs you that the transaction has been ACCEPTED, click on the “CONTINUE” button, which will take you to a page which will indicate that the book(s) is (are) being sent. If all has gone well, you will be able to retrieve the book at the e-mail address you provided on the order form. If due to circumstances the e-mail has not been able to be sent, you may try later at the address, providing your order number and e-mail address; since these two pieces of information will be necessary to identify your order, please take note of both.

Is it safe to pay by credit card?

Caoseditorial uses exclusively the secure payment process of the Banco de Santander. All payments are guaranteed by that bank, which is responsible for the security of the transaction.

If I have problems, how can I contact the customer service department?

You can contact us by mail (Apartado de Correos 3294, E-28080 Madrid, España); by e-mail; by fax (915.358.284) o phone (915.358.284). International phone and fax: +34-915.358.284.

How can I find the book I’m looking for?

From our home or first page, click on “For readers.” You will find a search function that will allow you to search for books by subject, author, or key words. The key word function searches in the title, author and review fields of the book. Fill in the fields and click on “Search.” A list will appear with the books that match the conditions of the search.
You can also search according to the subjects in the left-hand column.

Can I search for plays according to the number of female and male characters?

Clicking on “For readers” on the main or start page, or clicking on “SEARCH” in the menu at the top of all the pages, you will find a function which will permit you to search according to the number of men and/or women in plays published by CAOS. Fill in the box referring to “Men” or “Women” and click on “SEARCH.” A list of works which match the conditions of the search will appear.

If you wish to search for a work in which there is no male character, place “0” (zero) in the field for “Men.” If you should fail to specify anything in that box, the works on the list will be ones which match the number of female characters you have inserted in the “Women” box, disregarding the number of male characters that there may be.

How can I read a book?

Caoseditorial publishes its books in pdf format. To be able to read pdf files, you will need the free program “Adobe Acrobat Reader.” You can get it at You will be able to read the book on the screen of your computer or personal organizer, or you may print it on your printer.

Can the book be printed in black and white?

Yes. Simply select black and white printing among the options for your printer.