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Dead Dog at Dry Cleaners: The Strong

Author: Angélica Liddell
Translated by: Simon Breden
Language: English
ISBN: 978-84-95683-58-8
Price: 2,00 €
File size: (PerroMuertoEN.pdf) 259 Kb.
Available in: Spanish

(3 female characters and 3 male characters.)
Illustrated in colour and black and white.
Combeferre, a strange demiurge, a ghost from the Enlightenment, the replacement for God in the bible of progress, uses the characters in the play to build a moral tale that is irrevocably doomed to failure. Job rebels against the inquisitor and against the idealist and the only possible conclusion is that all social orders must topple when faced with human nature. There is no social order that can remedy pettiness, hypocrisy, the desire to humiliate and to be humiliated, there is no social order that can resolve the individual pursuit of violence, punishment and forgiveness.

Dead Dog at Dry Cleaners: The Strong

COMBEFERRE  You signed to the dot,

absolutely to the dot!

You’ve taken part,

yes sir,

you’ve taken part!

You signed The Contract to the dot,

The Contract,

you signed a contract which states,

it states this very clearly,

perhaps with excessive clarity,

Rousseau states,

‘the preservation of the State is INCOMPATIBLE with the preservation of the enemy; one of the two must perish, and when the guilty party is put to death, it is less as a citizen than as an enemy’,

and you have signed this,

you have most certainly signed this,

Rousseau’s Contract,

over and over,

The Contract,

thanks to the Contract you have invaded nations,

you have blown whole islands to smithereens,

you have annihilated,

yes sir,


quite simply annihilated the enemy,

over and over,

the enemy.

You have linked justice to vengeance,

so as to annihilate the enemy.

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