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Author: Alfonso Vallejo
Translated by: John Ginman
Language: English
ISBN: 978-84-95683-65-6
Price: 2,00 €
File size: (CulpableEN.pdf) 1.071 Kb.
Available in: Spanish

(2 female characters and 2 male characters.)
Illustrated in colour and black and white.
An alienated youth opposes the society and the individuals that surround him. Inspired by real events in which a young man shoots his classmates and teachers in school. A work laced with violence, humour, sexual desire, and rebellion against social conventions.


ROSA(furious) You are making me lose my temper.


KIP †Lose it. (Pause) Iíd like to see what you do when you lose your temper. I bet youíre cuter than ever.


ROSA(trying to contain herself) Kip!


KIP(quieter) Sorry. Itís how I am. Disgusting.


ROSA †All right . . . let us suppose you are. But I have to warn you, Kip, if things go on like this . . . you may be expelled.


KIP †So: if you have to expel me . . . expel me.


ROSA †Donít think Iím joking, Kip . . . The situation is serious. The committee I chair ó


KIP †That Expulsion Committee should take care. If Iíve got to take the blame for someone else, I can take it like the best of them. But when you treat me badly, Iím really bad. The worst.


ROSA †I know youíre a very good person. I know that, Kip. You can do without things when other people need them. Youíve often proved that . . .


KIP †But when they treat me badly . . . when they do something unjust . . . if they really wind me up . . . (Raises his voice) when theyíre driving me mad . . .!


ROSA †Calm down. Iím talking hypothetically. Kip, Iím not threatening you.


KIP(becoming restless. He gets up, clenching his fist) Well . . . that Expulsion Committee . . . theyíre . . . pieces of shit, man. In the other schools when they expelled me, they said: ĎInto the fucking street, you lout. Thereís the door. Youíre out on your arse.í None of this messing about. And what pisses me off most, is itís the worst teachers and the most two-faced students who are putting their classmate in the street . . . Judases!


ROSA †Donít take it like this, Kip. You are a very intelligent student. And you know it. And youíre generous, brave, sincere. Thatís not in question.


KIP †But . . . Iím a bastard. Right? Iím wrong in the head. Fucked up. Go on! Say it! (Lighting a cigarette butt) Thatís right, too . . . for sure. I know better than anyone Iíve lost it.


ROSA †Let us stick to the point, Francisco.


KIP(new change, smiling) Kip. Itís Kip or Twisted. íCos if you donít call me what I want . . . I wonít answer. (Half-joking) And I wonít talk without my lawyer present.


ROSA †Since you came to this school five months ago, after you were expelled from the one before . . .


KIP †Which had no Expulsion Committee, by the way.


ROSA(losing patience) You want me to stop talking?! (Pause) Since you came to this school, you have been a constant source of conflict, Kip. Youíve clashed with teachers, and been aggressive. Youíve had fights with several students, and even injured some of them! We have formal complaints about you from parents. And whatís more . . . as if that werenít enough, you have made a female student pregnant.

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